What is Virtual Bookkeeping?      

Virtual bookkeeping is exactly the same thing as office bookkeeping. The differences between office bookkeeping and virtual bookkeeping are that virtual bookkeeping prevents the business owner from employee-related issues such as using office equipment, obtaining the permission to go for leave, training programs or the use of an office space.

Virtual bookkeeping can be performed regardless of the location.

What Is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

A virtual bookkeeper is a person who completes bookkeeping and other accounting tasks for his clients by using the internet and the most up-to-date technology available without having to leave his location. He can offer his services to multiple companies from any part of the world.

This does not mean that a virtual bookkeeper cannot work with offline clients. If the clients are closeby, nothing stops a virtual bookkeeper to meet with a potential client over lunch.

How it works

The bookkeeper is given access to the business’ server, software and financial details. For security purposes, the virtual bookkeeper has to sign a non-disclosure policy with the business. Also, to prevent server glitches, a backup of the system should be done by the bookkeeper.

5 reasons why business owners should hire a virtual bookkeeper

There are a lot of benefits to hiring virtual assistants in general, not just virtual bookkeepers.

As a business owner, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a virtual bookkeeper

  1. Reduction of costs

If you were to hire an in-office bookkeeper, you will need to provide him with equipment and space. There is no need for this when you hire a virtual bookkeeper.  This removes some overhead expenses in the cost of running your business.

  1. No need for training

A virtual bookkeeper is already versed in the use of various accounting software programs; you don’t have to train him again.

Also, when you prefer to use specific bookkeeping software and the virtual bookkeeper is not familiar with such software, you can easily search for another virtual bookkeeper who is familiar with it. Hence, this saves you time and money in … Read the rest...

What Is Best: Single-Entry or Double-Entry Bookkeeping?

For several small businesses, bookkeeping may be one of the most daunting farm duties when it comes to the accounting aspect of their businesses. In the past, most companies had a set of books, which included their income and expenses, which were finally accounted for in their normal ledger. This paper accounting method was just the way to record every transaction at that time, and it left numerous room for mistakes and bad practices.

Currently, there are several programs that aid eliminates these possible errors, and can even help prevent human mistakes by detecting an incorrect entry. These programs are useful for small businesses, but can even be used for individual life to eliminate the clutter of paper records and, at the same time, maintain the security of information.

Single-Entry Bookkeeping

The first type of common software that is available for use in accounting is called a single entry system. The single entry bookkeeping system works like a general checkbook. There are entries for debits and credits in a certain account, but there are no entries that match to go along with it. Let’s take as an example a small company that buys the inventory from a supplier on credit.

Once the company is going to pay the invoice, there will be only one credit in cash and the matching entry to the accounts payable will not be applied. Now, even though this system is really simple, in the fact that the user just has to worry about an account, leaves the door open to possible mistakes. When the user enters the wrong number, they may not get it until they reconcile their software with the bank statement of their company. Check here.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping

The second type of common accounting software is a double entry system. These types of programs are extremely consistent and need the user to match the debits and credits all at once for a single entry. Take for example that a user pays an exceptional utility bill. Once they entered the payment in the software,

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How To Become A Great Bookkeeper

When it comes to business, one of the most important features is to have accurate and timely bookkeeping. This is important because you when it comes your finances, this may be one of the most vital things to have to make sure that everything is correct. If you want to become a bookkeeper, not only can you make nearly $60, but you can even work from home, which is a great way to build up your bookkeeping business yourself. This involves a lot of work, but the biggest investment you should be making for a job that will give you a ton of music in the future is to build up your future.

The first thing you should do when you’re looking to get into bookkeeping is to make sure that you do what you can to learn as much as you can. This is important because when it comes to bookkeeping, you will make more money and get better jobs the better the work you do. This is the foundation of good bookkeeping, and it’s something that everyone who wants to be a bookkeeper, freelance or not, should invest in. While you can definitely learn the preliminary important facets of bookkeeping online, through youtube videos and different websites, it’s not everything that you need. Taking a class will consolidate the knowledge and make sure that you have everything that you need to step up your bookkeeping knowledge. The great thing about taking a class, and online classes are a great way to go, is that you can keep the information after you finish. This is important so that you’ll be able to get the information you need to fix specialized issues and more.

Next, once you have your education solved, you should look forwards to your tools. Although bookkeeping by hand is definitely possible, using online tools and your computer can make it a lot easier. This is because when it comes to organization, instead of having a ton of paper everywhere that you have to keep track of, … Read the rest...

Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services Offer the Finest In Bookkeeping Talent

When you run a small business, do you need to hire bookkeepers Melbourne? For thousands, they really aren’t sure if their business requires these and most are a bit wary to outsource these things too. You wouldn’t think people would be so wary to outsource and yet there are thousands who remain very wary when it comes to outsourcing. However, bookkeeping outsourcing can be the simplest and best way to find the finest talent in bookkeeping.

Your Talent Pool Is Wider Than a Local Search

To be honest, when you have a local search up and running for a bookkeeper, you can find you have a lot of responses but how many of those responders are suitable for the position? Sometimes, you really are limited in terms of how many people are available for your role and that is a real issue. However, by looking for a bookkeeper or bookkeeping outsourcing services, the talent pool is wider. That is amazing and really something that will appeal to thousands more.

Hiring the Very Best

The great thing about outsourcing is that you really are able to hire someone who is fitted to the job and who is amongst the very best. Being able to hire the very best talent is truly important as it can impact your business in a variety of ways. This is why there are now more people than ever before looking into outsourcing. You cannot blame people for wanting an improved service and really you can get it too. Hiring bookkeepers Melbourne will make your life easier and you can hire some of the best too. Of course, you can find a good bookkeeping in-house service but it can be really hard. When you outsource, it’s a lot easier.

Should You Consider Outsourcing?

There are real reasons to look into outsourcing and while you might not be overly convinced by it, it is certainly a useful solution. There are now more people than ever before looking to outsource and you can see how much it impacts … Read the rest...

Bookkeeping Courses – Choosing the Right One

Do you want to become a full or part-time bookkeeper? There are currently thousands of people who are in the same boat and want to look at taking up some bookkeeping courses. You cannot blame people for choosing bookkeeping as their next career option as it’s a nice route and there a re more people than ever setting up small businesses from home. Essentially, this means more people require help from a professional. When you’re thinking about becoming a bookkeeper you have to ensure you find the right course.

Find a Beginners Course

Choosing the right bookkeeping course can seem impossible since there are many avenues to explore but quite simply you have to start off at the bottom. A beginner’s course is vital and you absolutely have to ensure it’s one that is going to cover the basics of bookkeeping. You might find searching for a course with a follow-up after the initial course is over is best. The reason why is simply because you will cover the basics and then have the opportunity to continue your studies where you left off rather than starting over with another course entirely. A lot of new bookkeepers can often find beginners courses with follow-up courses are the ideal solution for them.

Look At the Local Colleges and Online Study

Most people prefer to learn in the classroom as it’s their most preferred learning method and you should start off looking at local colleges for these courses. Your first port of call would have to be at a local college to find a few courses. Of course, if there aren’t any study options close to you, you could always look online for online study. This is slowly becoming popular and it can be a little more flexible in terms of how you study. Since you don’t have to leave the home or office, you can study when it best suits you. A bookkeeper (or those wanting to become one) can often find online study suits their working needs but you have … Read the rest...

An Easy Guide to Good Bookkeeping

It doesn’t matter if you choose to hire a bookkeeper Melbourne or fly solo, good bookkeeping is a must-have! Without good bookkeeping your business can fail miserably and it’s not good news. However, you can find bookkeeping is a lot easier than you might think and this simple guide might help you too. Read on to find out more about good bookkeeping.

Always Conduct a Daily Check

You have to be extremely diligent when it comes to bookkeeping and if you want to ensure your bookkeeping is good, you need to constantly check on it. Having at least one daily check will be ideal and it’s going to ensure your bookkeeping matters are handled in the right manner. Even if you have bookkeepers it is still good to have a daily check. This will ensure any issues are picked up and that the books are in good order too.

Think About Using Your Computer

Sometimes you lose papers and when it comes to doing your books by hand, things will get far more complicated. That is why you have to think about using your computer. Keeping all of your bookkeeping matters saved on a computer will be ideal. This will help keep your books in order and prevent mistakes from occurring. What’s more, you will find that your bookkeeper Melbourne can easily keep track of things too. This will be the more effective manner and can really make things far less complicated too.

Sync Your Banks Accounts With Your Books

When it comes to keeping good bookkeeping you have to think about matching up or syncing your bank statements and accounts to your books. If there is something that doesn’t add up then there may be a slight problem. You really have to ensure the two things match up with one another and if they don’t, there are issues for you to worry about. That is why even when you are using bookkeepers, you need to ensure there is a match to your accounts and books.

Keep Your Bookkeeping Easy

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